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History of
ALSA Indonesia

ALSA Indonesia is a full and founding member of ALSA, tracing its roots from the 1989 formation of the ASEAN Law Students’ Association along with students from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines.


Ever since ALSA Indonesia has been on every journey and has been growing rapidly. Since 2002 when we progressed from only making great things happen in the ASEAN region, to building unlimited networks with our friends on the other parts of Asia, making us the organization we are today, The Asian Law Students’ Association. Law students from the Faculty of Law, in 14 member universities, are eligible to become ALSA Indonesia members.


As a National Chapter, ALSA Indonesia is well-respected for its contributions to developing ALSA internationally and maintains a reputation for organizing so many diverse and beneficial programs each year.

ALSA Indonesia has also been credited for fostering closer cooperation between students from all members in the law faculties, by increasing the opportunities for its members to collaborate, befriend, and share networks. ​


With more than 4000 active members and even more alumnus, ALSA Indonesia has been setting examples of how students are and should be prepared to fit in the global era. Its diverse traditions and various characteristics among each Local Chapter never prevent all the elements of the organization to gather in one harmoniously united entity, ALSA Indonesia.


ALSA Indonesia sebagai organisasi dinamis yang mengedepankan interelasi dan kontinuitas guna memberikan kebermanfaatan bagi para anggota dan masyarakat.

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