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Annual Events / Signature Programs

2019 / 2020

Orientation, Leadership, and Managerial of ALSA is one of our annual events to recruit new members from Faculty of Law Brawijaya University. OLMA is the main and only gate to enter ALSA. This event consists of 2 phase events. OLMA 2020 theme is Creating a Strong Platform from a Diversity of Unique Individuals. During this pandemic situation OLMA 2020 will be held online. There are many materials given to the pre members from self-development to ALSA knowledge, Considering pre members have to be ready to overcome the obstacles when they are working in ALSA, to be able to organize and also to give the best output they can get after they join ALSA




Orientation , Leadership, Managerial

ALSA Care & Legal Coaching Clinic

“Socially Responsible and Legally Skilled” is one of the principle derived from ALSA Constitution that is embedded within the spirit of ALSA members. Such spirit would not be complete without any real implementation to the principle. ALSA Care & Legal Coaching Clinic held as an annual program by ALSA Indonesia that involves the society in promoting legal awareness, study of law, and legal assistance.

The execution of the program itself is handled by the Local Chapters across Indonesia with the guidance from National Board. This year, ALSA LC UB held the event by the theme Early-age Marriage and Synergies in Child Protection 



ALSA Symposium 4.0

ALSA Symposium is one of the signature programs of ALSA LC UB to discuss legal issues. This event is comprised of the seminar & workshop. Last year event, held by the theme Tindakan Maladministrasi Rumah Sakit terhadap Penanganan Kesehatan Pada Masa Pandemi COVID-19 which Collaboration with Kementerian Kesehatan Republik Indonesia , OMBUDSMAN RI , LKPP , and Indonesia Corruption Watch


ALSA English Contest 2020


The first national english contest in East Java held by ALSA LC UB. ALSA English Contest or known as E-Cont is one of the signature programs of ALSA LC UB. First event in 2019 held by the theme World Peace : Partnership for Peace and Dignity for All Followed by High School Student and University Student’s across the country to be participant in Five branches of competition, which are Debate, Story Telling, Spelling Bee, Battle of Brain and Speech.