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ALSA Local Chapter

Universitas Brawijaya

Officially established as a local

chapter by the first national

assembly in Yogyakarta in


Asian Law Students'



ALSA is a non - political, non - profit

organization for Law Students across

all over Asia to develop as future

leaders & major players of Asia



ALSA International

Established at the First ASEAN Law Students’ Conference in Jakarta,

18 May 1989.  With 16 Country

accross Asia as ALSA Member

ALSA Indonesia



With more than 3000 active members and even more alumnus, ALSA Indonesia membership in 14

University across Indonesia



Asian Law Students' Association Local Chapter Universitas Brawijaya or ALSA LC UB, is part of ALSA Indonesia's National Chapter Which Located in Law Faculty Universitas Brawijaya Malang East Java.  ALSA LC UB have six founding mothers which are Aridia Elwiq, Susi Dyah Hardaniati, Deshika, Mahardika Wiednayak, Frensita, Suzan Yanua, and Haryati Utami. ALSA LC UB officially established as a Local Chapter by the first National Assembly in Jogjakarta in 1993, completed by Universitas Brawijaya's Rector Decree on October 13th, 1994.
Now ALSA LC UB is in its 26th years and still expanding its existence in Faculty of Law Universitas Brawijaya. This year, ALSA LC UB is having 7 Board of Directors consist of The Director, 2 secretaries,3 vice directors, and 1 treasurer. Also, 27 manager and coordinators and 40 staffs. To keep the Local Chapter well-maintained ALSA LC UB is having 8 divisions, which are
Internal Division, Membership and Alumni Divison, Legal Development Division, English Development Division, Organizational Development Division, External Division, Public Relation and Media, Funding Division. Last but not least, ALSA LC UB is having many interesting Work Program some of them are ALSA English Contest 2.0, ALSA Symposium 4.0, , and many more.




Director's Vision

Facilitating members on its process and prepare them for the greates usefulnes in the cuase of academic

02   Mission

Director's Vision


To make ALSA as a platform to improves the abilities of its members to their highest potential


& Mission